Adobe Spark (31)

“A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.”
I don’t know about you, but the proverbs 31 woman really sets the bar high? I am a little intimidated by her, to say the least. But, then I remember, that God calls these things that are NOT as though they were. Before Jesus, I would call things as I “saw” them, but then I got into agreement with the Lord, and call them as He sees them.
Do you know why God created Woman? He created woman as an answer to the very first problem, “it is not good for man to be alone”. So, from the start, we were an answer. As a matter of fact, the woman was the last thing He created, because Women were created to create multiplication. Unless she is broken.
Woman was created to create multiplication with everything she comes in contact with. But, if the woman is broken, she will then create division.
Woman have always been God’s agent of change. So we have a decision. How are we going to use our ability to multiply? We have been entrusted with the power of giving life, and we need to start taking that seriously.
I believe it starts with perspective. We need to be women who look at everything and say, “I am an answer” God created us to be answer’s to problem’s, not part of the problem’s. Jesus is not the answer because He is in heaven. WE are his hands and feet and the only Jesus some people will ever meet. It is time to stop being religious and stop trying to be good and start doing good.
When we realize our worth….”more than rubies”, and beauty in the midst of chaos, we will begin to look at things differently. You will begin to look at problem’s and say, “I have a solution”, you will come up with an answer. We must begin to be women who begin to see answer’s where everybody else sees problems.
I have prayed for wisdom from the beginning. Not worldly wisdom because that is misleading, but wisdom that only comes from the word of God. I want to raise up other strong, wise women, this is my mandate. This is why I am passionate about sharing how starting your day with your creator will change your life and the wake it will create around you.
So here is the problem…”Broken women”, Here is my solution, Jesus…a relationship with Jesus. Jesus did not die on the cross so that we could have a religion, but so that we could have a relationship with Jesus. When we have the Love of Jesus, we are healed, and then we start to operate in that healing, and will not only look at situations different, but people different. That is how we create change.
We are on a mission…..I am calling things as the Lord see them…I am calling a victory. I am calling a movement of women that will also announce the Lord’s victory. I am speaking a healing of thousands and thousands of women who will see themselves as an answer to so many problem’s in the world, and stop back biting, and the bitterness and start loving people. Start looking like God’s son Jesus. I want more than anything to make Him proud, for Him to look at me and say, “You look so much like my Son”. I want that for you too!
I hope you have decided to join us on September 17. This isn’t a sit around and do our nails, and have tea parties type of event. It isn’t for the faint of heart. It is an answer. Make the commitment and have a decided heart that you will be in that room. Everything will fall into place once you do that. Providence will move for you.
Now, who are you bringing with you? Who in your life is broken and needs a healing? Bring them!
Remember, YOU ARE BEAUTY IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS, will you rise up and fight with us?
Psalms 68:11-12 says, “The Lord announces the word,
and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng:
12 “Kings and armies flee in haste;
the women at home divide the plunder.”
The definition of throng is: “a large, densely packed crowd of people”

It doesn’t say, Rachel will proclaim, or Ann will proclaim, or Katie will proclaim, or Dawn will proclaim, or Laney will proclaim, or Angie will proclaim, or Robin will proclaim or Jody will proclaim, it says……THRONGS.
I intend to send you out in “throngs”… start connecting in groups. There is something powerful that happens in circle’s that doesn’t happen in rows. That is leadership. See you on the 17th! Registration closes Sept 10, but the seats are filling up! Click below to secure your spot!

In His love

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