The ONE Thing 6 week Coaching Program

Success Leaves Clues….

Here are just 3 stories of transformation after going through this 6 week course!

“Nicole Hocker- St. Paris, Ohio (my home town)
“I’m not sure it’s a testimony BUT my first experience with the quiet time, guided meditation.
literally had me in tears
I wouldn’t have had that if not for this group
I feel such a connection and my faith has been reminded. I have such a calm feeling that things are exactly where they need to be
My job has or has not (depends on how you look at it) panned our the way I thought it would initially BUT I’m ok with it and know things will line up in HIS time”

Sara Spears- Piqua, Ohio
“This challenge is amazing!! Getting on a set schedule and program and setting your mind only continues to put my path and journey into motion. With my ringtone set I get up and I my mind is already set that is going to be the best day regardless of yesterday, I get on my knees and pray for what I need most and for the things needed and close to me, I do my affirmations and continue to work on me because I have to take care of me because if I don’t know who I am and make me stronger than that’s not going to matter, I make my bed and continue on this journey. I put out positivity every day. My faith continues to grow and I journal my dreams and my goals and I continue to extend the invite every week. I have really dug more into my faith and I’m so ready to continue to walk this journey. You guys are amazing and this is only the beginning for me. I can’t wait 6 months from now and a year and look back and say “Look at what kind of Woman of Faith she is and how much she has continued to grow and change her life”
Thank you ladies, you all have been a big part of that ❤️
Sorry for the long post. Rachel Slayton-Tucker got me motivated yesterday”

Valerie had the biggest transformation from week 5….

“I went 2 days and 18 hours. I had an awesome experience. I prayed before I started the fast and I asked God to let me have more of Him and less of me and to speak to me in this time of fasting and let me know when to break my fast. So I was obedient and stopped my fast when God said, “It is time”. I was weak, but I never thought I would make it that long. God sustained me and through his power and He fed me!! My whole life I have struggled with hypoglycemia and would need to eat every 3 hours or feel awful. God showed me to trust fully in him. I’ve been struggling with wanting to start my business that no doubt will bring glory to God and many broken people just like me, but the fear of our current financial situation has been holding me back. I’ve been looking for another part time job and trying to look for other ways to earn extra income to save money to start my business. God showed me to stop relying on my own strength and surrender ALL to Him! I just kept saying “more of you, less of me”. Every time I felt hungry. Such peace would come over me. While at work, I usually struggle with not getting lunch and feeling awful and couldn’t concentrate on taking care of my patients, but Friday I didn’t have that feeling and it was so freeing to just be able to focus on taking care of my patients. I continued to fast until 1pm today from last night after dinner and was fasting during church service. I’ve never done that and we even serve donuts at church and I didn’t even want one! Also my mornings are usually rushed from trying to worry about earring before and after my workout and fitting in my bible time before work. This was not the case on Friday and Saturday morning. I did my bible time fasting and had plenty of time! Thank you so much for all u do! I would not of even tried to do this had u nor suggested to join u and be encouraged by you and your team! Love u Rachel!”

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