A message from our heart’s.

“Be the Light”
Sometimes we may look around in our world and feel saddened at the state of our “society”. People are going to bed hungry, they are cold, they have no hope that things will get better. Or they face daily shame from choices they’ve made in their past…and there ALWAYS seems to be someone ready to remind them of their shame.
“If you don’t see any light in the world…BECOME THE LIGHT”
A gesture as simple as a smile can change the whole day of a stranger that you pass on the streets. This is an amazing power that we hold…and should be used often!
But we can do more.
We have sisters who face a daily path of hopelessness and fear. Incarcerated…Beaten Down…Shamed
Many don’t have any light in their world.
But God will be their Light!
And it is our responsibility as Children of God to do all that we can to expose them to His Light.Woman at the Well by M Belk_0
It is in this mission that we are asking for your help.
The Women at the Well have received a calling to reach out to those in our community that need to hear His Hope and Feel His Love.
Our first outreach will be to our local jails and halfway houses in Miami County.
The Women at the Well are putting together care packages to provide to our sisters in need…to help them take those first steps in seeing His Love. We’ll include the Women at the Well Bible study to begin their path and a journal to give them an outlet for their inner thoughts, reflection and growth; as well as other small tokens to help them see that their path CAN be changed…so long as they Believe!
The Women at the Well have the passion and the Faith…
but we need your help!
We are asking for you to make a small contribution to support this initial outreach.
Our goal is to raise $3000…and EVERY dime will go towards the care packages for our sisters.
Help us help our sisters in need! They have been forgotten and feel isolated and unloved which keeps the cycle of insanity going for them.
We can’t do this alone. It says in 2 Peter chapter 1, that it is through our knowledge of HIM that we can activate His divine power in us. The Lord empowers us, but it is our responsibility to grow. So, we want them to start growing in knowledge so that they can grow into HIS divine power and go out into the world as a light and not back into darkness.
We are their only HOPE. We are called to be the “light of the world” . Faith is ACTION (goodness, knowledge, self control, Godliness.
These women are victims. More than likely they are stuck in a legacy of Fatherlessness, addiction, abuse of some sort, and don’t know any better.
We are believing for 300 caring, compassionate people to give $10. Go to www.racheltucker.org and click on “partner with us”, it is the first donation link!
YOU are the LIGHT of the world. Matthew 5:14
Thank you!!
In His Love,
The team at the Women at the Well Ministries

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P.s. We will close the registration for the retreat on December 27, 2016. Don’t miss this amazing event.