One of my favorites practices in Yoga is Power Yoga. This name sounds deceiving, right? It sounds as if you have to be an experienced yogi to participate. But this isn’t true at all. What it does do, is it helps us get out of our comfort zone. I just finished a power practice on Holy Yoga TV. Katie Pearson says, “How much power does it take for God to move us outside our comfort zone?” For me, I am a hard head sometimes when it comes to getting out of my comfort zone. Or, going back to a place that I have been before. The one thing I said I wasn’t going to do was, “Teach a Holy Yoga class”. I have fought this ever since the Lord brought it to me through Myreya, a woman who was just passing through on her way home to Detroit. But, here I am setting up Holy Yoga experiences. The Power practice in Yoga does challenge you, it does push you a little out of your comfort zone. Yoga itself has pushed me out of my comfort zone…..and also back to a place where I have been before…..”teaching”. I will admit, I’m no seasoned Yoga instructor. The one thing I love most about Holy Yoga is, it’s not really about the poses and the stretching, but more about Jesus, and using the modality of Yoga to share Jesus. I have been kicking and screaming this whole time. “I don’t want to teach Holy Yoga!” But of course,this was my plan….not the Lord’s plan.” But, through Yoga, the roadblocks in my mind have been cleared. The Lord is so amazing to me. Everyday I am in awe of how he sets all these things up for me, way before he gave me any visions at all about them.
The vision he gave me of walking up on a stage with a Bible, had nothing to do with me becoming a Pastor. It was all about the IVE GOT THE POWER CONFERENCE. And Holy Yoga is such a huge part of that! HE is such a genius. But, WE have the Mind of Christ, if we just tap into it! I’m going to help you do that!
I am so much like Peter. Before the Holy Spirit, my boasting and bravado was almost my downfall. But after I received the Holy Spirit, I started using his power. Became more humble and confident.
“Self help, is no help at all”
This power is not available to those outside of Christ. This is my mission. To help that person who goes 24/7 in their own power. They might be successful, but anyone who works 24/7 can be successful, but….burnt out. Success without fulfillment is FAILURE.
Try tapping into your POWER that Jesus left us in Acts 2. Read what happened to Peter in Acts 2:14.
This is how Jesus and Yoga changed my life!
God Bless
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