Have you ever heard of conditioning? For instance, an elephant as a baby is tied to a stake and as it grows, they continue to tie it to a stake. As a full grown elephant it has the power to do some damage, but it’s conditioned to think that it cannot, because of conditioning. Humans are the same way. BUT, the good news is, God made our brain’s plastic and we can re-condition our brains to see the world ABUNDANT! To realize that we actually hold in our hands to power to write our own stories. Stories of healing….well, just abundant health. Abundance in our finances, emotionally! ALL! All means….ALL.

To live a life of peace…JOY, having the BEST DAY EVER…..EVERYDAY!

How do we do that?
We live in the PRESENT….every single moment.

How is that possible Rachel? Glad you asked…..

These modalities we use for healing will also re-condition your mind to live in the PRESENT moment….ALL DAY LONG. It has been shown through MRI to actually change the structure of the brain.

So, you know what else that means? No more anxiety. No more depression. No more stress.

The only thing that exist in the PRESENT is LOVE.


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In His Love