MY STORY: Late fall of 2015, I was struck with illness. I didn’t really know what It was, I thought maybe IBS, due to stress, so I just dealt with it. I am not one to run to the Doctor or take medications. It wasn’t until I had stepped on the scale and noticed that I had lost 15 lbs. It was a miserable time. I was confined to my house. I was couch, chair, bathroom. I had 2 incidences where I was incontinent in public places. It was mortifying. On January 16, 2016, I was in the lobby of the Westin Hotel in Cincinnati ohio, and one of those incidences was the worst. People all around me, and it wasn’t a little, it was like a flood, it just kept coming and coming and coming.  The next day at church, they called a healing service. I ran to the front of the line and was prayed over and annointed with oil. That next night, I slept all night long. That hadn’t happened in months because I was up all night in the bathroom. Then, the next night, no more blood. I had a colonoscopy on Wednesday January 27 2016, I had a colonoscopy. After the procedure, the Doctor told us the diagnosis……Ulcerative Colitis. Then they handed me some prescriptions, of course.  These prescriptions were steriods and immunosuppressants. They were not going to heal me, only mask the symptoms, OH and have 1,000 side effects. NO THANKS! I passed. I was already on the healing journey.

I made a decision, that YES, Jesus healed me, but I am going to be a good steward of that healing and my body and take control. I am showing you my test results, to show you that our foods can heal us. Remember, I used NO pharmaceuticals, only foods and supplements.

Ok, this is my original blood tests, taken on January 21, 2016. See how high my WBC’s were and how low my hemoglobin was?

Component Your Value Standard Range
WBC COUNT 11.9 x10~3/uL. 3.5 – 10.9 x10~3/uL.
RBC COUNT 3.19 x10~6/uL 3.95 – 5.26 x10~6/uL
HEMOGLOBIN 9.0 g/dL.. 11.2 – 15.7 g/dL..
HEMATOCRIT 28.2 % 34.0 – 49.0 %
MCV 88.4 fL. 79.5 – 97.0 fL.
MCH 28.2 pg 25.6 – 33.0 pg
MCHC 31.9 g/dL.. 31.3 – 35.5 g/dL..
RDW 13.1 % 11.0 – 16.3 %
PLATELET COUNT 494 x10~3/uL. 140 – 400 x10~3/uL.
% NEUTROPHILS 54 %. 42 – 80 %.
% LYMPHOCYTES 31 % 11 – 43 %
% MONOCYTES 9 % 4 – 12 %
% EOSINOPHILS 5 % 0 – 5 %
% BASOPHILS 1 % 0 – 2 %
ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS 6.45 x10~3/uL 2.00 – 7.50 x10~3/uL
ABSOLUTE LYMPHOCYTE 3.67 x10~3/uL. 1.18 – 3.74 x10~3/uL.
ABSOLUTE MONOCYTE 1.04 x10~3/uL. 0.20 – 1.00 x10~3/uL.
ABSOLUTE EOSINOPHIL 0.58 x10~3/uL. 0.04 – 0.54 x10~3/uL.
ABSOLUTE BASOPHIL 0.06 x10~3/uL. 0.01 – 0.08 x10~3/uL.
Abs.IG 0.08 x10~3/uL. 0.00 – 0.09 x10~3/uL.

Ok, now this is my SED which measures the inflammation in my body also on January 21, 2016

Component Your Value Standard Range

YEAH, my body had inflammation!!

Ok, so here are my latest test results, without medication. All of my symptoms have been gone since January 25, 2016. NO meds, all foods!  This test was drawn on Feb 15, 2016.

Component Your Value Standard Range
WBC COUNT 8.5 x10~3/uL. 3.5 – 10.9 x10~3/uL.

and wait to you see this one!! The Doctor just didn’t know what to say to me. He had never in all his year’s seen such a healing, and not only that, but so fast!  This was also drawn on Feb 15, 2016

Component Your Value Standard Range

I have done so much research and read so many stories, some horror stories of people who suffered with this their whole life. Some, who had their colon removed, some died….all of them took medication. Because the medication doesn’t heal, it only causes more harm. I will teach you how to heal your body. Not only through nutrition but through Yoga, and meditation.

Are you ready to heal once and for all. To live the abundant life that is waiting for you? Join me in this revolution!

“Let thy food be thy medicine” Hippocrates.

Today is March 10, 2016. I am a healed woman!! I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with! It is my 45 year! I look forward to another 55 years of abundant living!

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