This past week has been the  most clarifying most growth filled week I have had probably my whole entire walk with Jesus. I have to say, Clarity is such a beautiful thing. How did I receive that clarity? Glad you asked.

First, I stopped questioning God, I stopped opposing God, and I am replacing those things with “I TRUST YOU GOD”. In my attempts to not be mediocre, I chase things. And although I say I am “chasing the mission”, and not the money, upon moral and spiritual inventory, I was chasing the money. I was that “church playing” Christian that bugs the crap out of me. Now I know why it bugged me so much, because I was one of them. I also struggled with loving people. A few of my close friends would say, “that’s not true, you seem so loving towards me”, and my reply is, “Well, you are easy to love”.

About 2 years ago, I represented Miami County in the Mrs Ohio America pageant. In looking for a platform, I started at the Women’s shelter the Franklin house in Troy. I know that my purpose comes from my greatest wound. And, one of those wounds was being abused by my husband. BUT, I know that we attract who we are, so in reality Curt and I were drawn together because of who we were. We both came from Fatherless homes, so all the junk that comes from that came along with us. The lack of connection and lack of feeling loved, and of course, Curt watched his Dad beat his Mom at times. So, of course, he carried that on into his life. Anyways, long story short, for some reason, it never panned out for me to serve there, so I ended up with Big Brother’s Big Sister’s. I did that for 2 years, but as some of you know, kids aren’t really my thing. I was not juiced about doing that, it was a “I have to go do this” vs. ” I get to go do this”. So, here I am full circle again. I can tell you that 90% of women who end up in jail have come from either a Fatherless home, or were sexually abused as a child. So, this lead them to drugs/alcohol.  It is my belief these addictions stem from a lack of connection and love. They isolate themselves because they don’t feel connected, then when they get in trouble, WE as a society put them BACK in isolation. The cure for addiction is not isolation, but connection and LOVE. I know, from personal experience the POWER of Jesus Christ love.

Upon much prayer and the Holy Spirit leading, I will be making plans to turn CRT Ministries into an official 501c3 not for profit ministry.

I believe I am the perfect person to bring hope to these women in Jail. As, I was almost there myself. I just got lucky. I still dealt with all the junk that got them there, so my devotional which tells my story, will bring HOPE to them. I am going to go LOVE of them, and share that “where the spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM”.

NOW I know why I named my Book “How Jesus and Yoga changed my life”, because If I had named it what I was originally going to name it, “Keep on Going”, Myreya would have never approached me in church that day Pastor Slaughter was talking about it, I would have never found Holy Yoga, I would never have become a Holy Yoga Instructor and I would have never really been delivered from the chains of forgiveness and shame that I carried around. I am now FREE INDEED.  I am going to do what Jesus wants to me to do! He has me right where he wants me. I am going to LOVE the un-loveables, the ones no one else wants.

So, my classes are all donation based, and all proceeds will go towards my devotionals, yoga mats, and whatever else I need to get in the jails.

You can donate and not do Yoga, but you are missing out! Holy Yoga is great Yoga, but it’s life changing Jesus.

Are you loving deeply? Are you following the #1 commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and loving your neighbor also? The hard to love neighbors?

It’s time for me to step way out of my comfort zone. My heart has been changed once again.

I love you all

God Bless



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