Let’s talk about sex
I recently did a LIVE Facebook feed and the title of the feed was “let’s talk about sex”.
You can imagine the number of people that jumped on that one!
I can just hear the banter in their minds, “isn’t she a Christian”? “Did she go to the dark side”?
Well, first, let me say that I am a follower of Jesus, which means I am about love and not religion, and NO, I know what the darkness looks like and I never want to go back there…you feel me?
Sex is a topic I think most people are afraid to talk about in a healthy way.
Let me just preface this by saying…..the Lord designed sex for marriage and that is where it was intended to take place…in the marriage bed. I am a Godly woman so I am not judging you if you are currently having sex outside of marriage. Living together, etc….I am not your judge.

I am one who started my life out trying to fill that “hole” with sex. Gaining attention from men. I was actually on the sexual gymnastics team in high school. ( I made that up…but that was funny, I don’t care who you are!) Hey if you can’t make yourself laugh…right?
So, after coming into a relationship with Jesus and being a baby follower, I had this stupid idea that sex was dirty. And that “we better not do that anymore” in the bedroom.
What a crock of bull!
After growing in wisdom, I have learned how beautiful sex really can be for a married couple.
Please understand, I am still a work in progress in this area.
In our marriage, my husband ruined our “purity” for a long time because of his sex addiction. So, after I realized how God created sex for marriage, I then had to deal with the demons that came along with imagining my husband with all these other women. Talk about not being present while trying to make love to my husband.
But you know what….that was a decision I made. I made a decision to focus on his failings, and it robbed me…it robbed us both. And that is what the devil does right? steal, kill and destroy.
My husband was forgiven…..so why was I not forgiving him?
So, I DECIDED to not let the enemy rob from me anymore and I MADE A DECISION to LOVE my husband.
Listen, friends…LOVE is NOT A FEELING.
it is a decision, a commitment, it’s a verb!
So, let me just save you some time from taking that 5 love languages test and tell you…your husbands #1 love language is ACTS OF SERVICE. AKA: SEX
So when you are depriving him, or maybe even when you do have sex with him and your attitude and your mind are just “let’s just get this over with” he knows it, and it kills him slowly inside.

And when you LOVE your husband, he will always protect you and give you all the desires of your heart! So, when you want to go shop…..trust me, if he is filled up, he isn’t going to argue with you, because when we fill our husband’s up, they will want to fill us up! So, I am using the shopping example because my #1 language is GIFTS. And I would much rather him let me get my own gifts! YOU KNOW WHAT IM SAYING??

So, are you ready to have the marriage of your dreams and the one the Lord wants you to have?
Commit the next 21 days to say YES to loving your husband.
Oh and the health benefits…..check them out!
**It helps ward off cold and flu.
**It reduces depression and stress.
**It boosts brainpower.
**It improves overall physical fitness.
**It relieves pain.
**It improves sleep.
**It enhances your sense of smell.
**It makes us look younger.
**It decreases risk for heart disease.
**It regulates periods.
**It lowers blood pressure.
**It improves tooth health.(his one’s a bit of a reach, but bear with us. In addition to sperm, semen contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc—which are also found in root canal fillings. Zinc and calcium are also ingredients in most commercially available tooth rinses. We’ll let you do the math…( I am laughing my butt off…)
**Confidence Booster
**Higher Immunity
**Improved Marital Relationship
******Greater Understanding of God (God made sex because He loves us and wants us to better understand and love Him too. All throughout the Bible, He calls us to spend time being physically intimate with our spouse. Proverbs tells our husbands to “enjoy the wife of your youth” and “delight in her breasts.” The entirety of the Song of Solomon is a celebration of marital intimacy, full of beautiful imagery of not only emotional connections but physical pleasure as well. And the Apostle Paul, speaking to the church in Corinth, tells us explicitly, “Do not deprive one another … so that Satan may not tempt you.” Again, he says in Ephesians 5:31, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” The leaving is important, but the becoming one flesh is a beautiful picture of the intimacy that is found in the marriage bed.) “FEMALLAY”

So, basically, it’s the cure all!!
So go get naked with your husband’s!!!

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