Good Morning Friend
Have you ever really thought about the Love that your Papa in heaven has for you? The lengths He will go to save you?

John 4 tells the tale of Jesus and the Samaritan woman whom he met at the town well of Sychar. Now Sychar was not a town known to draw passer-bys. Actually most travelers would add great lengths to their travel time to AVOID Sychar. See, Sychar had a reputation of lower standings and mixed cultures.
But of course, that didn’t deter Jesus and his disciples.
ALL people are His people and He knew the impact that would come from His “chance” meeting at the Well.
See, Jesus KNEW He would meet this woman….that she would see who He was and bring the entire town to hear His words.
Jesus reached out to ONE to reach Many.
From this story, the mission of Women at the Well ministry was born. And we keep this focus as the driving force to guide us.

That brings me to the story of Lisa Stone

Lisa Marie Stone

WSAZ Tim Irr reporting:I've heard about Lisa Stone's tragic story for years from a number of Huntington police officers. Hooked on opioids as a young teen by her father, who then turned her to prostitution to score cash and more drugs. The officers who spoke to me about Lisa always had such pity, and several tried to steer her to rehab – to no avail. Tuesday night I met Lisa for the first time, after she had been arrested yet again. She kindly asked if she could say something on camera. The following conversation took place:Read more here:

Posted by WSAZ NewsChannel 3 on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

You know that the Women at the Well are all about healing of the whole…the mind, body and spirit.
This woman is broken. She has been on a violent and awful path and has lost all hope. It feels as though her past experiences with “Christians” was not a very helpful experience. I would guess that she received judgment, condemnation and no real help at all.

The Women at the Well are going to reach out to Lisa. We want to give her an opportunity to see a different Christian. To see a group of woman who want nothing more from her than to maybe show her a little light. Our hope is that she may see something in us that opens her heart even just a crack…to begin to see that things CAN be different…if she would only take a chance on life again.
To Each One Teach One, remember?
It is our directive to bring Heaven to this Earth…to continue Jesus’ teachings and spread the word…through outreach and road trips…whatever it takes!
And that is just what we are gonna do! We will show them just what Freedom looks like!

This is our vision…our driving force. We will reach out and spread His word and hope. But we can’t do this alone…we need your help.
Every little bit goes a very long way! Here’s how you can help us reach even more broken sisters, mothers, daughters and friends:
Pray – As always…this is our first tool in combating the Enemy. Raise your heart to God and pray for all of those broken souls
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In His Love,