Happy Sunday to you! I got up early this morning, well, because I was awake!! I have been recovering from illness that almost took me out. It has been a long recovering process. Longer than I wanted, of course. But, I have been reflecting on my time that I spent laying flat on my back, unable to eat, in severe pain, and watching my life pass me by. I have to admit, I was losing some faith. I wasn’t understanding, 1. Why this illness came back after being completely healed by Jesus last year, and 2. How am I to build this ministry sick?
Here is what I have learned. Sickness made me appreciate my health. Not that I was un-healthy. I am a very healthy person. I take excellent care of myself in how I eat, exercise, I don’t intentionally put toxins in my body,etc. But, I think that is the point, you can take it for granted. I will never take my health for granted.
The lesson the Lord was teaching me was that I needed to LOVE. I needed to stop being so controlling, and finally let go of some things I had harbored against my husband. Also, I needed to stop picking my son Austin up from HIS feet. The boy has been a major source of my stress and subsequent illness, but I did it to myself. My lack of trust.
As I lay there on my back, I watched my husband step up. He became stronger. Him and I are ONE. So it is like when you injure one side of your body, the other side will compensate and naturally become stronger, that is what happened with him. He took care of me. He took care of the home, the laundry, both businesses (and they are increasing) the animals, running the kids to 2 different practices at two different times and two different places on the same day. That man is amazing. So worth the pain that I was enduring. Because now we are living the marriage of God’s dream. Honor and respect, Love….he is truly my best friend.
I am a different person because of my time in my illness. I have to say it is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It is hard to take life for granted when you are knocking on death’s door. I no longer get stressed. My new motto is WHO CARES! LOL.
The Lord did not strike me with this illness, but He certainly allowed it, and delayed my healing, which I appreciate and understand. He has me on a mission. I am building a ministry that is changing lives. Healing the broken hearted, setting the oppressed FREE. Adversity is just part of it. I’m convinced that the people the Lord uses the most are often the people who have experienced the most adversity. Adversity will produce an increased capacity to serve the Lord.
God will break us where we need to be broken. “It has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on Him, but to suffer for Him.”
What adverse circumstances are you facing? Remember, the Lord is increasing your capacity. Maybe, just maybe this “problem” is your next blessing or opportunity. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
His plans are ALWAYS for you!!

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In His Love