I don’t know if you are like me, but I have found myself walking around questioning God. For about 2 years now I have been praying for discernment on “what am I to do Lord”. Then he will give me an answer, and I will still not know anything. Some people may even give me message, but I still leave clueless. One time, he supernaturally played a video on my phone, like that wasn’t clear enough. But, NOPE, still clueless.

I have questions about why I am the way I am. I’m more brash then what you would expect most “Christians”. So, I say, “God why can’t I have gifts of mercy like such and such”. Or “God, why is my nose so messed up looking”?  Or why is it, “such and such can ask for answers, and receive them, and be peaceful”, and I’m over here hanging from the ceilings always trying to figure things out.

Thank the Lord….that the Lord is patient. I’m sure HE shakes his head at me daily. That day, that SET UP with me and Myreya, who led me to Holy Yoga…but NOPE….I did not want to be a Holy Yoga instructor.

That just wasn’t big enough for me. MY vision was more Dani Johnson, business style. Even after the visions of me on stage, holding a bible, and thinking I am supposed to be a Pastor…..I am my own worst enemy.

The Lord said to me….”Rachel, I called you to preach and cast out demons!” And guess what Holy Yoga is your platform. OK OK. I just realized as I set down to prepare a message for my first Holy Yoga session. DUH!

Pastor Bowie said this weekend, “Seldom will God use people greatly who haven’t been hurt deeply. I have been deeply hurt many times in my life. By my earthly Father, early in life, to going through hell in our first 5-6-7 years of marriage, to losing my big brother to suicide, and the list goes on.

Why does God use some of the people he uses? I mean He is using some strange people, including me. I am the LEAST likely candidate to preach the word and cast out demons.  Why me Lord?  But, I know it was ordained before the beginning of time. I just need to stop being opposed to what he wants me to do.

I pray that my message will help those people who still carry around that “thing” that is sucking your joy. That you will stop questioning God. Because the questions may just be the very thing that is separating us from HIM.

He says over and over and over to me…..(i know how he feels BTW….) and I know you do too if you have children.  But HE says, “JUST TRUST ME”.  All this pain and suffering, I will give you double for your trouble. The meek shall inherit the earth!

I am going to pray for those people who have chains and strongholds in your life, that you just haven’t been able to get your brain beyond. That is what Holy Yoga is ALL about.  I’m believing these words to do something for you to say, “God is bigger than my questions, there is NOTHING he cannot fix”

Me personally, TODAY, I declare that I will stop demanding answers. He is God and I don’t think I should probably doing that, and neither should you.

I am going to say….God is an AWESOME God, and I will live by YOUR PROMISES!

Here is what I believe he uses broken, busted, disgusted people like myself. Because we are the ones who are constantly on our knees being grateful, saying, “Thank you, Thank You Jesus” Because of the Pit he pulled us out of.  Most days, this is what I am saying, either “Help me Lord, or Thank you Lord”

I also believe that the Lord knows that I know that I AM NOTHING without HIM.

I TRUST YOU LORD. I BELIEVE YOU’RE GOD. I believe that ALL things work for good for those called according to HIS purpose.

There was a time in my life when I merely talked about God, but now I KNOW GOD. I know the POWER of his resurrection. I have seen it in my own life, time after time.

Let me encourage you. If you have lost a loved one, you are sick, you lost your job, your spouse, been abused, and you are struggling with understanding what is going on in your life….(trust me I have been there, done that) STOP TRYING to figure it out. TRUST GOD, and go through the storms with HIM, and you will come out stronger and more rooted.

Let’s not let our unanswered questions make us discontent or dissatisfied. Each time you feel like that…..just say…”Nope, not going there”

Here is my new message, be in agreement with me…….GOD, I TRUST YOU!

God you are my deliverer!

So, the Lord has me right where he wants me. I am sharing Jesus and a message of HOPE and LOVE and not only the transforming POWER of Christ, but the resurrecting POWER of Christ.


Holy Yoga

How Jesus and Yoga changed my life