This was a post made 2 years ago…

I can count on one hand how many times I have encountered the supernatural Jesus. A few year’s ago was one of the most amazing supernatural encounters I have ever; well, encountered.
My husband and I have been chosen. Well, many have been chosen, but only few actually take the call. We know that we were brought together for a great work, to change the world through our testimony and through sharing Jesus and POWER of the Holy Spirit. 7 years ago we were broken in every way. Our marriage was really more like a roommate situation. Our children got our left overs from us pouring into and helping our clients in our training business. But, just this past month, God has been really working on us.
So this morning, Curt asked me if I wanted to go on a long walk, because he wanted to share what the Holy Spirit showed him in his devotion time this morning. My first instinct was to say No, because my running schedule said, I had to run 3 miles today. But, I said yes.
So, we walk to the 5k point where we normally walk to and turn around. Curt says, let’s go down and see Skip, so I agreed. So, we decide to walk through the cemetery. On our way down, the city put in a labyrinth, so I was explaining to Curt what it was, and so we walked the pattern, and then continued on our way. As we get closer, I spot a Mickey Mouse headstone. So, I wanted to go check it out. Of course, It was for a little boy named Coty. And on one of Mickey’s ear was Coty’s picture, and the other was a picture of Jesus. Right after Curt and I both acknowledged Jesus, my iPhone, which had been in his pocket the whole 4 miles, starts playing something. Now, my phone has a lock on it. Meaning in order to access any app, you have to slide it, then put in the code. He takes the phone out of his pocket and playing on it, is the scene from Son of God, where Jesus meets Peter, and tell him to follow him and be a “fisher of men”. Curt and I stare at each other in awe and feel so much love at this moment. NOw, if you don’t believe in a supernatural God, well, you are just dumb. LOL. But, seriously. I couldn’t even figure out where the video came from. Upon inspection once I got home. It was from my You Version bible app. And in order to access the videos, you have to sign in…..I don’t even have a sign in.
So, to say the least, this was the most obvious answer to a prayer I have ever experienced in my Christian walk.
So, I want to ask anyone reading this to share a Jesus encounter, by commenting below. But below is the video that Jesus played to us this morning.

Now, let me give you an update on what has happened since this post. I have written 2 Bible studies and devotionals since then. I have started a women’s ministry and had my first event. But, why do I still ask the Lord everyday, “What am I to be doing”. Even after all these year’s studying scripture, and being mentored by some amazing, Godly women, and having the unwavering faith that I do; yes, I still doubt that I am worth using at all.
For a couple month’s I have just felt really stale in my growth. With the holiday’s and the schedules being all out of whack, it just puts me off. My body and my routine. So, I was still waking up really early and doing a Bible study, but lately it just felt like I was “checking it” off my list. I was grabbing my phone, using the you version Bible app, because, I know where every book in the Bible is, so I was slacking and using the app, because it was faster and easier. Well, you now what happens then…..the master of distraction takes over. That “urgent” Facebook message….NOT. That text message from the night before. And this time hop thing has me reflecting. I made some really awesome post and was having some amazing Holy Spirit experiences, a few year’s ago, and I just couldn’t figure out why.
Here is WHY. Because we were in one of the most troubling times of our life. Now, we have had many…..and when I say many, I mean MANY! But this one was different. I figured after being obedient after all these year’s that it was time for all the BS to be over. So, this time in our lives, Curt was in full mercury poisoning AKA: Mad Hatter’s disease. He was literally insane, and suicidal. So, I was leaning on the Lord more than ever. Spent many quiet hours, more than normal. So the other day I realized that I was not practicing what I preached. Praise Him in the good and the bad. I just figured since I am a dedicated Jesus loving girl who spends the first hour of her day for the last almost 11 years with Him that, it was enough. But, I was really just going through the motions.As a matter of fact, I am having revelation as I am typing this. The last 2 mornings, I took a little longer to get to my “sanctuary” place that I meet him everyday. I woke up a little more, and I just sat there looking at the beautiful moon and stars and was just being thankful.Then I dove into my most favorite book…..the Bible. WOW. what a difference it made. I feel powerful again. I feel like I can conquer the world, because I know GREATER IS HE WHO LIVES IN ME THAN HE WHO LIVES IN THE WORLD.
Are you only going to the Father when you need Him? or are you going…..running to Him daily? He so badly wants to be in relationship with you….more than just you reading the Bible. Women at the Well ministries is all about giving you tools for your tool box to help you grow in wisdom and stature and 100% PRIME TIME IN LOVE WITH JESUS.
We love you so much, and are so grateful to have this mission to help our sister’s break free from bondage, that you may not even know you have!! You are NEVER too far from His love. All you have to do is turn around. He is and always will be RIGHT THERE to pick you up.

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