Are you like me?

Do you ever end your crazy chaos of a day…you know your normal day of running through your life like someone else in driving with their lead foot slammed clear down to the floorboard…trying to get EVERYTHING done on your list…SO exhausted that you can’t even think straight? But…oh, doesn’t that blessed pillow feel amazing when you finally crawl into bed? As you take one moment just to breathe….and relax…

But wait! You didn’t pick up his shirt from the cleaners! Oh man…you’ll have to add that to your list tomorrow…and then you’ll have to….

And on and on and on.

Don’t get me wrong…
We as women absolutely hold this world together and all of those things are important. But you know what? SO ARE YOU!
And living your life in the fast lane…so filled up with things to get done…just doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else.

Take a quick look back. How many of those things that you did today were for you…only you? Yea, I already know…none, right?
I get it!

It is sooooo easy to lose control of your day, of your decisions, of your choices, while focused on getting all of thisSTUFF done.
But you know what?


But it is up to you.

YOU have to take control and find time to give to yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. And if you don’t take time for yourself, you are going to look back in a few years and wonder where all the time went and how you got where you are!

Life is about BALANCE.

Balance in Faith, Family, Health and Wealth. We gotta have it.
And if you are so busy running around “getting things done” all day, how can you possibly have balance?

GOD intended us to have full, balanced lives. That’s why he provided The Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)…to help us through it all and to help us to obtain a joyful balance between all things.

HE gave us the instruction manual, but is our job to read it and apply it.
But be honest, if you aren’t taking time for YOU…don’t tell me that you are finding time with HIM!

It is critical to work on our relationship with God every day. And, I know…it is so very hard to make time to work on our relationships when life is pulling us in a million directions at once.
I’m not saying that you have to commit to reading the Bible for an hour every day. That just isn’t going to work for everyone.

But there are tools and techniques that you can use daily for yourself and to help find the moments to spend with God . That’s what we are talking about here.
Finding ways to make it work so you can have some semblance of Balance in your daily life.

And that is what the Women at the Well retreat is all about.

We want to share with you some tools for your toolbox that will help you get through your busy, crazy life…and still find time for YOU and for you to actively have God in your daily life.

If you have already committed and signed up…..go be a good steward and invite a few friends who would benefit from this!! EACH ONE…..TEACH ONE!

Join us on January 27th . Come to Hueston Woods…enjoy God’s beauty.
Discount link for retreat

Share this weekend with a group of like-minded, God loving, life living women.
Join us as we share this journey to become closer with God.

Take back control of your path. Find YOUR Balance.

Much Love,

PS We started this journey together at the Women at the Well luncheon…and I know that this will be a life changing weekend for you. You need to be here! So, I am going offer the original discount for attending the luncheon. But please do not wait! We only have a certain number of rooms and many are already gone.

Deadline to securing your spot is January 7th.

Here is a link so you can see how amazing this place is…
Houston Woods conference center
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