My Mother inspired this post, as we sat in the social security office for 2 hours today getting her squared away with my Step Father’s death benefit. I asked her if she had seen my new book? So, I pulled up the picture of it. She asked what the woman was doing? and why that picture? I said, “glad you asked”! I told her, about the woman at the well. Scripture didn’t give her a name. I believe she wasn’t given a name because she didn’t even know her own identity. She was probably really pretty, which is probably why the men overlooked her heathenness….I just made that word up! (I think). I love this picture, because it hits the nail of the head of myself, BC (before Christ). I was told my whole life how pretty I was, and that my looks would be all that I had going for me. You know after you hear something so much, you just go with it. My identity was wrapped up in how I looked on the outside, all the while I was so empty, and a horrible person on the inside. That is why now, I don’t really dig when people point out that I am pretty. And I always want to respond, “Yes, but man am I beautiful on the inside!” My Momma always said, “pretty is, is pretty does”, and turns out, I’m a genius! Even after going ALL IN on Jesus, it took some time for me to claim the fact that I was The King’s daughter.
What does that even mean? Well, to worldly King’s it means:
*Being admired
*live in a palace
Then I started comparing it to the One True King
*Wealth (it’s a mindset, which can/will be literal, if you desire)
*Co-heir’s with Jesus
*Apple of the Father’s eye
*Beloved of God

It is my mission and the mission of The women at the well” to reach every tranquilized women and help them develop their prowess. Help them discover, “who they are” and “whose they are”. Arm them with tools of how to study their Bible and not just “do a devotion”, but arm them to use their sword. Raise up leader’s to go out and lead their own life group’s and so on and so on and so on. Women make great leader’s because we can see to the heart of issues, and we are good listener’s. God wants to use you. He doesn’t care about your flaws that you see. He sees you as flawless. He made you in His image….beautiful and wonderful. The Bible contains many examples of how God used a woman. Sarah, Ruth, Deborah, Mary, Esther, Rahab.
We are ministering to the oppressed woman. The tranquilized woman. The woman sitting in jail/prison because they never knew the love of a Father, so they have spent most of their life “looking for love in all the wrong places”, like me.
YOU have a very important role in the kingdom of God, and you were created for a purpose. This plan will only prevail once you have claimed it, surrendered yourself completely to His will (spiritually, physically, financially), and after you are FREE INDEED from the baggage and bondage and chains you carry around, in the form of bitterness, unforgiveness, shame, addiction(sex, drugs, alcohol, sugar, perfectionism….)
Once you are FREE, you will look different. I mean, you will wear the same clothes and all, but you will LOOK different. Your light will turn ON, and everyone will flock to you wanting to know what is different. Your speech will bless those around you, your actions will strengthen relationships, your prayer’s will dissolve mountains, and you will be influential, and bear much fruit as a disciple of Jesus.
The women at the well ministries is about teaching you how to not allow the enemy to continue to hold you back from all the the Lord has for you, because that fool is under your feet.
Accept your identity and walk in it.
Ephesians 1:4 says that we should be “holy and without blame before Him in love.”
He has a specific calling just for YOU. Not for someone “like” you, but YOU.

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