The_Woman_At_The_Wel_Cover_for_KindleAre you ready for a vigorous spiritual bootcamp? This 4 week intensive Bible study is designed for that woman who was once an outcast, shunned, shamed, and lost. So lost, they didn’t even give her a name. But after her Jesus encounter, she left with an identity, and then went and brought the whole town back to see Jesus. This is a true story of how one persons transformation can create a massive wave of change. The disciples went into town and brought back lunch. The woman at the well brought back the whole town.

You are a hero waiting to happen! Your destiny is much greater than your history! It’s time to break free Sister’s, and walk in our liberty! “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM”

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Leader Guide for Small group.leaderguide

This is the companion to “Women at the Well Bible Study”. For small group study. This is for the brave one who wants to step up and lead your own troop! You don’t have to be a Bible teacher or well versed in scripture, just a heart to serve and build community!!!

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Discover the road to true abundant living, that only comes from being in a close, personal relationship with Jesus. Take this 30 day journey with Rachel as she shares her journey and how she fell crazy in love with Jesus Christ, after being face down, rock bottom. Rachel found herself at 34 years old, married , miserable with 4 kids and broke in every meaning of the word, until she found Jesus and went ALL IN and is now sharing her love of Jesus and helping hundreds now learn how to break free from the chains that hold us back from the Lord’s GREATER in our life. “So if the Son sets you FREE, you are FREE indeed” John 8:36


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