If I had a dime for every time someone told me that their thyroid is shot, I would be a billionaire. This along with the epidemic of digestive disorders, I alone could end world hunger.
I have blogged about my own healing journey before, but the more and more people reach out to me for help, the more and more passionate I get about helping them. When I was going through my illness, the first 2 digestive specialist I saw both had 3 month waiting list. WOW. That is a problem.
Our foods are killing us. Our foods are not what they used to be. Back before mass producing food, especially Milk, allergies and cancer’s and auto-immune’s were un-heard of.
Raw Milk, straight from the cow is one of the most healing, nutritious foods you will ever consume. But, it is illegal in our country to heal the body using nutrition. I get it…..it would take away so much money from big pharma and the american cancer society.
I said, NO to the steriods and the immunosuppressants, and I am healed today. Those things are the GI doctor’s residual income. There is a better way. Your pharmaceuticals are not healing your body, only managing your symptoms. We can heal it for good!

Here is how your thyroid is destroyed. When we eat, there is this process called digestive leukocytosis that takes place. Here is definition (Digestive leukocytosis: The term leukocytosis refers to an increase in white blood cells, indicating the body is in attack mode. This commonly occurs when you are sick; your white blood cells come out to protect you. It may surprise you to know this immune response also occurs when you consume cooked food.) This happens every time you eat, whether it’s good food or bad food, they always go check things out. So, think about it. When you eat 5-6 times a day, that can wear your immune system down quickly. Your body needs more time to deal with the toxins lurking in the body instead of having to answer to a 3 alarm call in the digestive tract when everything comes down the hatch. Your body knows how to care for itself, if you simply remove the interference. It’s job is made easier by daily cleansing (intermittent fasting).
Believe me, I am surprised by this too. I competed in figure and fitness for 5 years, and eating like that made me lean, but I was wearing my body down, hence, why I got an auto-immune disorder ulcerative colitis, which I no longer have.

I am now helping people heal their bodies, slow their aging, and gain an abundance of energy, by teaching them how to intermittent fast and by eating an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan, and incorporating some of the most amazing, most advanced scientifically advanced well line on the planet.
Our bodies get diseases because of the inflammation in our bodies, which is caused by the foods we eat and water we drink.

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Our good works are assigned to us, we don’t assume them. This is my assignment….

In His healing…
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“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” Hippocrates