For those who have read my book know a couple things about me by now. I’m an agitator, I’m the one who says what everyone else is thinking. This is what makes me a great coach, by the way. You have to be completely honest with those you love and do life with. I mean, I appreciate it so much when one of my mentor’s reaches out to me and says, “Hey, your messing up, here is what you should have done”.

The second thing is; i’m not really a “kid” person. Meaning, I’m not gifted in children’s ministry. I love my own kids, but other people’s kids…..well….it’s a challenge, let me just leave it at that!

To set you up for this God moment, I have to back track a little to yesterday. My husband and I are planners.  We plan our years out 6 months at a time, and yesterday we met to plan the rest of 2015.

Our vision is our “Ive got the power” conferences! I am driven to help people utilize their power in them, and help them break free of chains that hold them back. Holy Yoga is a huge part of this. So, we decided that we need to set up 10 Holy Yoga experiences IMMEDIATELY!  We will start with our own church of course, and then we wrote down a few other’s in the area, one being Grace Methodist which is here in my town.

So, I received an email from the Piqua city Government about 2 months ago, asking me to volunteer at their “Piqua Fun Day” , it would be in the capacity of volunteering with…..KIDS. Well, I had to prayerfully consider this, and I decided, “HA!, why not!” It would be an awesome opportunity to serve in my community and step WAAAAY OUT of my comfort zone. Because I preach ALL the time. You will not find your greatness inside your little box that you live in.

So, I show up this morning. I pull up to some people who were getting out of their cars, and I roll down my window and say, “Hi, is this the fun day are”,  Let me just say their response was almost like it was pulling teeth to engage in conversation with me. As I park and walk up to them, I see them start a prayer. So, my thoughts were, ” Wow, church people! I bet their attendance is low!” See, Im just being honest here.

What I found out soon after they drank their FIRST cup of coffee is, that they just aren’t morning people! And, that is exactly how I am, ask my husband. He knows better than to talk to me in the first hour I am awake.

So, I am in this circle talking with the same group of people. Found out they go to Grace Methodist church. The man who runs the media is there and on a cane. He told me he had a spinal cord injury and is numb all down his right side. I asked, “Have you ever tried Yoga?” He said, “No, that is the only thing I haven’t tried” So, I say, “I just became a registered Holy Yoga instructor” I explain to them what it is, etc. Then I say, “it’s funny, because your church is on my list to go see next week so that I can share it with your congregation.

The lady next to me, who scoffed at me when I arrived….whom, I almost left because I wasn’t going to spend the whole day with some life suckers, says, “Well, you will probably talk to my husband, he is the Pastor”.  I sat there like, “WOW Lord, you are so amazing and love me so much”. So I got BLOG manna immediately and pulled out my phone to type in my notes. I told them, “When God gives you BLOG manna you gotta write it down.  And check out my shirt that I choose to wear today…..GRACE!  And pictured is Anna, the Pastor’s wife!

So, in retrospect. I see God in this whole thing, but I also see the enemy in this whole thing. He was wanted me to turn around and go home, because I pre-judged them. They just aren’t morning people!

So, I ask you. What holds you back? Why do you stay in your comfort zone? Your growth and greatness only happens when you TRUST THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. I was saying. “IM NOT A KID PERSON LORD”, But, the Lord said, “My dear, just trust me, I have a plan.

I’m so excited to share Holy Yoga to help those get out of their own way and step into their greatness. It starts with hearing from the Holy Spirit!

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Go be GREAT!



Excuse the typo’s as I had to type this between my girl’s ball games! I had to get it out!! lol