The someday people……you know the ones, who say, “Tomorrow I will start my diet” or tomorrow I will sign up for the event or class that would change my life, or “tomorrow, I will start reading that book”.
Then, they complain about not doing that thing they talked about doing. “Man, I should’ve done……(fill in the blank). I bet if they did a study of the brain’s of the “someday” people it triggers the release of some hormone that makes them feel better. I use to be a someday person, but once God got ahold of me, I became “shoot, ready, aim”. So, now my biggest pet peeve’s are the “someday” people. The ones who are all talk. Who think just because they thought about doing something, is GOOD ENOUGH. But, no planting was done or will ever be done in GOOD ENOUGH. I really symphatize with ya’ll who are married to the someday, or all talk people. Because you are ONE. So unfortunately you could possibly be held back, and possibly turn into a “someday”, “shoulda, woulda, coulda” person also. If your influences are someday people, get new friends.
I can only encourage you to keep praying and intentionally be around the doers, the ones who are actually taking action. The ones that are actually walking their talk. And PRAY PRAY PRAY.
Do you find yourself on the fence? Only to regret that you didn’t do something? My advice…..stop doing that. Do it, if you fail, that’s awesome, there is growth in that space.
I am in a liminal space right now as I am writing this…..So, I am going to practice what I preach, and embrace this space, and be intentional in worshipping the Lord right now. That is one of my weapons.
Here I go…….I will pray for you, and you pray for me.
God Bless