I pray that the ones who need to see this will see this!
Here recently, I have been around some follower’s of Jesus, who are stressed, worn out, getting illnesses…etc. The root of this is; they speak that they don’t “have time” to spend time with Jesus, and to exercise, and the light is literally burnt out of them.

I too, used to think that I had to serve in every different area of the church. Greeting at the door, or taking the offering, volunteering in the children’s ministry. Now that last one is hilarious!! ME? Children’s ministry?! I found out soon, that opportunity does NOT mean obligation!!

This is not what Jesus meant by “go and make disciples”. We each have our own calling. But here is an insight I got this morning while I was visiting with Jesus. It all comes down to LEADERSHIP. Leadership does not mean that you do everything. HE does not want us to be the ONLY disciple, but to “EACH ONE, TEACH ONE”. This one might take some spiritual and moral inventory. Check your motives….are you doing all this just to say…..I do all this!? if you are, this is being a people pleaser. And you CANNOT be a people pleaser and please God at the same time. secureyourbookcover1

I wrote an ebook in 2011 titled, “Secure your mask before assisting others”. It was inspired by Jim Rohn, he was talking about “When the parents are good the kids are good” and the analogy of the flight attendant giving our safety instructions, specifically, “secure your own mask before assisting others”. He said, “someone should write a book about this”, So, I did!

The second thing it comes down to is priorities. When you have your priorities straight, all the confusion is cleared up. 1. God 2. Husband 3. Kids 4. everyone else…..

Back to those people I mentioned that think they have to wear themselves out serving God.
We are supposed to attract people to us, so that we can share Jesus. Not make it seem like it will be too hard, or that there is NO way you would even have time for that.

Find out what juices you, and DO THAT!

I love getting confirmation that I am walking in the light! When I get a message from a friend that says, “Will you help me find my calling” and basically saying, “I want what you have” which is JOY and PEACE.

Leadership starts with learning how to say NO. Opportunity does not mean obligation.

I am praying for you!

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God Bless
Go be the light!