Good Morning Brother’s and Sister’s
It has been my passion and life’s work to help other’s achieve their health and fitness goals. I have always been about the whole; spiritual, physical, financial, because I know that getting it right Spiritually will break chains of bondage that some may have in their physical lives. Creating a discipline in your physical will seep into your other area’s.
I have never been about a quick fix, I want to teach you a lifestyle that you can maintain. The Lord never wanted it to be hard to stay healthy, and have a beautiful self-image. The accuser has got so many of us messed up. Whether you are throwing donuts down your throats or weighing your chicken, you are in bondage.
So my long story short, after year’s of competing in fitness, and eating 7-8 times a day, because that is what shreds your body, I wore my immune system down and was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, ulcerative colitis. Now, I went and got prayed and annointed, and my healing started that day, but the Lord expects us to handle our bodies with care and honor that healing with how we treat our bodies. In my line of work, we are taught to keep the furnace burning to burn fat, which, yes, it will burn fat, but putting your body into digestive leukocytosis every 2 hours, starting from the time your wake up it will kill your immune system. There is an epidemic of Ulcerative colitis and thyroid issues in this country. I believe it is because of the bondage people have to be skinny, or they have food addictions.
My bondage was my 7 percent body fat physique was an idol to me for a long time. That was bondage.
Now, I now don’t even lift weights. I do yoga everyday and I fast, every single day, and do a no food fast once a month.
I am getting younger by the day. So many people, including my husband and said that to me. I feel like I am 25. I have the energy of a 25 year old, and after I lost the 15 lbs from being sick, I have not gained an ounce back, and I am completely healed. I am not in remission, that auto-immune has dissolved and is gone!
What I now love about this is, this is the easiest life style ever! No more spending 2-3 hours in the kitchen preparing your food for the week, which some of it is wasted. No more yo-yo scale moments where you gain and lose weight every day.
So, let’s now talk about the spiritual benefits of fasting. This is from a survey of 100 Christians who had a sincere faith. They were asked what frustrates them most about their walk.
5. Inconsistent quiet time- “I know I should pray, read the Bible, but sometimes my score is zero. I know the right, I want the right, but I don’t choose the right”.
4. “I don’t sense God’s presence with me, sometimes at church, but mostly my life is really secular.
3. Don’t measure up. “I have a nagging area of secret sin, anger, bitterness inside. I struggle with fear and anxiety.
2. No, miracles and unanswered prayer. “I don’t see breakthrouh”
1. Prayer’s are cold and empty.
It’s not that you don’t want to change, it’s you want other things more.
Now, let’s look at the solution……FASTING. So many people throughout the Bible, “fasted and prayed”. Moses lived well over 100 years, and he fasted and prayed often. You ever wonder why those people back then lived really long lives? They fasted, and prayed! Jesus, fasted and prayed OFTEN.
The Lord gave us this tool from the beginning, but gluttony has taken over. People are no longer hungering for God, they hunger for Krispy Kream. If you look up the word, Fast, fasted, fasting, it says, “obstaining from food for measured periods of time in order to heighten my hunger for the things of God. If you are not hungry for God, the solution is FASTING.
Look at Matthew 5:6, the message says this, “You are blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat.”
We have little hunger for God. Not many people will miss a meal this week, but many will be missing Spiritual meals. Even the most passionate follower’s feel the awesomeness of God dwarf’s their hunger for Him.
Blessed means, “happy, satisfied, content”. So few of us are really blessed in the way Jesus talks about in Matthew 5.
So, when you are hungry, how long are you hungry? Sometimes 20 minutes? If you are stuck in a meeting? but you might have a snack with you.But, what do we really know of hunger? The vast majority of people don’t have experience with hunger. Food is everywhere.
Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “fasting? really? no food? but I love food!” Yes, I know the word alone seems overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before. Fasting from TV, or wine, or any other thing is NOT fasting. Fasting is obstaining from food….dethroning King stomach! In our culture of gratification, it’s almost unheard of to ask people to sacrifice.
It isn’t easy or fun in the beginning, but I am telling you from experience, it is the most amazing spiritual experience! And, the health benefits are too many to write in the blog.
Fasting is NOT for the strong, it’s for the weak. It’s for the people who desperately need a savior. That is me!! I want more than anything to please my Papa in heaven! BUT, disclaimer……..Don’t go into fasting thinking you will earn God’s favor. It’s Jesus blood that did that. Fasting does not manipulate. Fasting gets you ready for God’s answer. (top 2 answer above) . Fasting prepares your heart, for “not my will, but yours be done”.
Fasting breaks you down, and to a place to move to a position of total obedience. When we begin to fast, we increase our receptivity to the Lord’s voice. Fasting is an invitation. It is NOT required. It is something you do voluntarily. You are saying, “Lord, I am breaking out of the routine of normal, and I am sacrificing and coming after YOU and giving up this food”.
There is a mystery connection between fasting and the Holy Spirit. Instantly a special grace comes upon you. It is humbling yourself before God. You are saying, “Lord, I need you”, it is an act of worship.
Romans 12:1-2. You take the invitation from God.
Fasting means to cover your mouth and refuse to eat. When you do, you will see God begin to do a deep spiritual work in your life. God will call you to fast, you will feel a stirring in your heart.
Now a few tips.
*You have to prepare spiritually. You are hearing God, He is impressing you through the word, or a sermon. But it’s a nagging, tugging saying, “come on, know me more than you have ever known me” That is spiritual preparation.
*Determine what kind of fast and how long. Write down your fasting plan. (Habbukuk 2:2) it is important to do this to battle the doubts that will come. Another blog to follow with options.
*Limit Tv, facebook, news
*Your tongue may get coated, you may have bad breath, it’s normal. It may feel like your brain is in a fog the first day, it’s normal. But after day 1, man, I feel the best ever!
You will be stunned at how powerful God’s word will be when you fast and pray. The word will be your food for your soul.

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