What exactly is the 21 Day Yes Challenge? Well, Glad, you asked!
Saying Yes seems to risky for most people. Like they just might break into hives from saying yes. They have such a problem just saying YES and then figuring out the details later!
Let me give you a for instance: Someone reaches out to you and says, ” you want to go to an event with me?” And their reply is, “let me check my calendar” BAHAHAHAHA! Ok, you know they are at home, and their calendar is more than likely in their home or sitting right next to them, but even crazier, I guarantee their calendar is right there on their device they are retrieving the message from….seriously.
Sister, please…I would rather you just be real and honest and say NO, then to put it off like you are the busiest person in the world, and you have to check with your assistant. Or someone asks you if you want to participate in something…” well, I have always wanted to” OMG, just say YES! Women, do you feel our husband’s pain here? They can’t read your mind and neither can anyone else. Say what you mean. BUT START SAYING YES.
COME ON. OR, how about this? How about you create a new neuropathway and just say YES.
Oh Lord, I could go on how people live their life in neutral and be sitting on the fence watching all their friends accomplish all their dreams, because, damn it! That fence is so comfortable…when in actuality, you know part of your ass is going numb. For real…
So, here is my latest LIVE 21 Day Say YES CHALLENGE.
This is me, saying YES to being ME!!

Something has busted loose in me friends!!

This day is going to be life changing. We are our bringing real, authentic, selves. You know you love grabbing your girls and coming for a day of inspiration, a little conviction, love and laughter and leaving with a new sense of who you are and your purpose in this world!