The Proverbs 31 Woman in the Bible sets the bar pretty high for those of us who want to glorify the Lord in the gifts He gave us. The gifts I am referring to are our husband’s and our children.
Listen…..I am going to come to you from a place of….I am still working of this here. I have always been an independent woman. Left home at the age of 17, been taking care of myself since. I can change the oil in my car, change headlights, put together cribs, desk, cook and I can type! So, when starting my walk with Christ I had the attitude of, “Ain’t no man gonna tell me what to do”…then I read about that whole, be submissive to your husband thing….DOH!

BUT…that doesn’t mean weak friends…..It means…MEEK, which means strength under control.

I finally decided that I was going to embrace this role of FIERCE woman in my life. A definition of Fierce woman is: A Godly woman who received and claimed the anointing in their life.

I am a hard ass…i’m not gonna lie. It is sometimes a fight of the will’s up in here…you know what i’m saying. Who can get the last word, who knows the most about the 70’s….UH….I DO, since I was alive during the 70’s and all…(my husband is 10 years younger than me) But that is a struggle.

I have learned in my walk to always be in the posture of surrender….I have learned to just say “take it Lord”, “take him Lord, he is your son”, and man, that is the best advice I could give you on anything, husband, kids, friends, anything or anybody!!

I come from a stance of I love Jesus more than I love my husband and it is my aim to please HIM not people, and that means being all that He created me to be. He created me strong, resilient and gifted. And, I am just claiming all of that.

Let me preface this by saying these traits all come from Proverbs 31 woman, but to remind you that these were seasons for all the things she did, but some things should be daily.

For instance, I am in a season right now to get my butt back in shape. To take care of my body so that I can be my best, feel my best and have tons of energy to do everything the Lord has for me to do!

Who is coming with me?

Trait one:
Her husband and friends, family know that her word is solid. She will do what she says she is going to do. Her husband knows that she would never do anything intentionally to hurt him, or put their family in harm’s way, including financially.

Trait two:
She beats the sun up: I am currently getting up at 4:30 to meet my workout partner at 5:30 am so that I don’t inconvenience my husband and expect him to take care of the kids in the morning. This also gives me time to meet with Jesus and put on my armor to attack the day! I get so much accomplished by 10 am, it blows my mind sometimes.

Trait three:
She considers a field and buys it: She understand the importance of investing in the future. A wise man leaves his children’s children an inheritance…but also a wise woman. I am only wanting to receive my inheritance. The kindgom is abundant…and it says “on earth as it is in heaven”…you don’t have to wait until you die to experience living like a queen.

Trait four:
She dresses herself in strength and makes her arms strong: She understand the importance of keeping her body strong for the long haul. Age is only a mindset friends. I am choosing to not age. I do resistance training not for aesthetics, but because I feel my best when I am strong. And, If I ever find myself dangling off a cliff, I will be able to pull myself up…you never know!

Trait five:
She is a hard worker: She is not a lazy person, but has an amazing work ethic, but also has balance. She is a master of her schedule and tells her day how it is going to go and doesn’t let the day rule her.

Trait six:
She opens her hands to the poor: Once you experience the harvest from trusting in the Lord and knowing He will do what He says He will do, “open up the flood gates and fill your barn so full it won’t be able to contain it, you will never stop tithing. In the beginning, i have to be honest, I was doing it, because I wanted to be blessed. But now, it brings me so much joy to be able to give. To write checks to pay people’s rent if they need, or buy their groceries…I am the one being blessed in that moment and it has nothing to do with what I will get in return. It literally brings me so much joy!

Trait seven:
Her husband is known in the gates:Let’s face it ladies, Men need built up daily. They need re-affirmed daily. The looking glass theory says that “people will become who the most important person in their life thinks that they are”, and that means we need to speak life over them daily. Telling them how amazing and strong and courageous they are on a daily basis. Pretty soon, you will see the fruit of that! I promise!

Trait eight:
She makes linens and garments and sells them:She is an entrepeneur….strong, fierce, leader type woman like myself, well…..we don’t like to be told what to do….and I knew very early on that I did not want to spend my long days building some other dude’s company for his grandchildren. That the Lord God gifted me to be a leader. And when we found the vehicle, we blew it up! And now we build other people and now they are building their generation’s future.

Trait nine:
Strength and dignity are her clothing: Her attractiveness come from her character and her integrity. The proverbs 31 woman’s appearance is never mentioned. I wanted to make that note. It is her light on the inside. It is her stance of always doing the next right thing. She knows her identity is not in her looks, but who she is, and whose she is! A daughter of the one true King! BOOM

Trait 10:
Her children rise up and call her blessed:
When my children wake up, if they rise early, they will find their Mother in the Bible, wrapping herself in the truth, and growing in wisdom and stature. I am a do as I do Mom, not a do as I say Mom. I think this is what makes me a great leader in business and in my ministry. It will be a natural draw for your children. They will do as you do!

So, after reading this, you see how simple this can be? If this sinner can do it, you can do it!!

We are in the business of finding the broken women, helping them heal and then helping them RISE up and remind them that they were meant to SHINE!!

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