The Easiest and fastest way….in my opinion to live your best, happiest life is to learn how to think in the now and be in the NOW. TO BE PRESENT. In our ministry, we focus on the trinity of mind/body/spirit. We teach/train mindfulness and meditation. “You don’t have to “believe” anything to learn how to breathe. If you’re breathing, you’re meditating. The breath is THE vehicle to return you to your self. Return to the moment when things get anxious and intense. When you return to your breath, you return to your values, your priorities and your intentions. There is a moment we realize we’ve been distracted and disconnected, and that is where kindness, love and compassion come in. Especially self-compassion because the only way to return to the moment is through and act of self compassion. In those moments we remember what it feels like to have a non-interfering awareness and we take that ability to be interested in our own experience. Rather than get lost in it, we take that compassion to our emotional world.”
At this retreat, we will teach you how to become attached to and be content in the moment.
This weekend will be packed full of life changing tools to get you on your way to SHALOM AND FREEDOM!

At The Well Retreats

Here is a little video of our winter retreat!

People spend their money on what they value. Do you value YOU? If you do, then get signed up! If you don’t….then GET SIGNED UP! Because you are worth it!
In His Love