RISE WOMEN’S CONFERENCE! Building strong Wives, Friends and Leaders.

The one thing that will haunt you until your final breath is who you could have become, but never became or what you could have done but never did.
Isn’t it time sister that you choose chasing after that “dream” over choosing comfort?
Refuse to stay behind while everyone else around you goes and does that thing that pulls them out of bed every morning!
GRAB YOUR GIRLS AND COME TO GET INSPIRED, AND POURED INTO, AND MAYBE EVEN SET ON FIRE. Maybe, just maybe, you will choose to start listening to the dream that has been speaking to you your whole life?
Maybe, just maybe YOUR YES to being in this room will change your life forever? WHAT IF?
You have a choice, a life of Oh Well’s? or a life of What Ifs?
a $30 investment that could change your life forever? WHAT IF?

Everyone needs a place to belong and I am so thankful THIS is my place!!
(Lunch included)
This is our guest Hotel
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tipp City Ohio or..
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