Our Mission

“Jesus #1 concern was healing and setting the oppressed FREE!
1 in 5 Americans have been molested. 1 in 4 grew up with an alcoholic. 1 in 3 couples have engaged in physical violence. Veterans and their families deal with the painful aftermath of combat.
Our mission is to help heal those who have experienced trauma. Some people were abused so young that they don’t remember, but their body does remember. The trauma manifest later in life into so many things, addiction, auto-immune diseases, eating disorders, sleep disturbances, nightmares, etc…the list goes on. Some experience trauma later in life. It could be from sexual violence, witnessing a death, or being a first responder. Many deal with PTSD and don’t realize it.
We are not counselor’s but instead we use a creative avenue for facilitating an alternate mode of healing. We use Holy yoga, meditation, scriptures. We teach them how to breath. Mindfulness and movement can greatly impact their healing journey. WE provide space for our sister’s to explore their bodies and gain awareness into how their trauma may have impacted their bodies.
We are on a mission to heal them all.
Our mission is about healing and about FREEDOM!
Our retreats are the #1 way we connect and do our “work”. Check out a few testimonials of our last retreat and be sure to visit our “at the well retreat” page and SIGN UP!