Reinventing yourself through meditation- Online workshop

While there are so many beneficial benefits to a mindfulness meditation practice, my passion for helping others in with this goes way deeper. It will actually saves lives.

The outcome of this course will be that you will be WHOLE again. You will feel “at home” in your body. We will uncover and talk about the mind/body connection and the “energy” body. And give you tools that you can take with you, to continue on your journey!

As we proceed through the breakthroughs we will be reconnecting our life back to its source, restoring it to its rightful wholeness and integrity. In this way, we will reinvent our bodies into health, and resurrect our souls back to their full glory. This state of balance and grace is our natural birthright.

It is time to reinvent your negative patterns that no longer serve you and pick up some new patterns that will create abundance! Mind, body and Spirit!

Mindfulness meditation helps preserve the aging brain! And it helps relieve our subjective levels of anxiety and depression, and improve attention, concentration, and overall psychological well-being.

We are going to teach you the “HOW” and help you overcome the “QUIT”. GET SIGNED UP TODAY!

Join us for this life changing workshop that is not only helping people live in the present, more joy, happiness no matter the circumstances. Living more abundantly spiritually, physically AND financially. Happier marriages, kids, careers, etc, but is healing people with PTSD and saving lives literally! This workshop will change your life and you will live everyday as if it is THE BEST DAY EVER! Space is limited!!

Join us for this 2 part workshop!

Only a $30 investment!
Click here to register! Don’t forget email address! And remember, each one teach one!