BYA Coaching Guiding Principles

>Live by God’s word as it is TRUTH; which will never return void and must never be compromised.

>Be transparent and bold at all costs; to perservere to the end of any enterprise begun; as this demonstration is my best tool.

>Serve the Lord in faith and to live victoriously in His love.

>Live by honor, to do what’s right no matter the cost; to speak truth at all times

>Respect and honor my fellow man; lift up the weak and heal those who have suffered.

>unburden myself from these shackles of resent and grudges, to live in the FREEDOM that is true forgiveness.

Requirements for coaching certification

>Successfully complete certification requirement
>Use only the branded and approved marketing material
>Adhere to BYA guidelines for continuing education

Fee Overview

35 hour coaching instructor fee- $999
Fee Includes-
>BYA Coaching 7 week online immersion
>BYA Coaching Retreat intensive (3 days all inclusive) student’s are responsible for air and ground transportation.
>BYA Coaching instructor training materials
*comprehensive online materials
*Instructional video’s

>BYA Coaching Certificate

Payment Options
The cost of the 35 hour training is $999

BYA extends financial aid in the form of interest free payment installments. If you choose to pay in full upfront, you will receive a 10% discount, making your training cost $899.10

When you register online you will choose which payment that works best for you:
*One payment of $899.10
*Two equal monthly payments of $499.50
*Four equal monthly payments of $249.75
*Six equal monthly payments of $166.50

All payments must be made using a debit or credit card. No Checks or Cash will be accepted
All payment options are interest free- Your payments will begin when you sign up.
Each declined payment will incur a $35 fee
All payments must be current prior to attending retreat.

Refund policy- ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If a student opts to withdraw from the program at any point, the fees will not be refunded.

To Apply, send an email submission to