At The Well Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser!


Did you know that Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America? There are 2x as many suicides than homicides, which account for 32,940 potential life years? 121 suicides a day in America.
Women at the Well Ministries mission is reaching those who struggle with suicidal thoughts, PTSD, anxiety, depression. Our work uses true healing modalities that actually heal the brain of the inflicted person. We are saving lives…literally!

So, Grab your friends and get ready to dodge some balls! Enjoy an afternoon filled with friends, family, food and some friendly competition.
Only the first 25 teams accepted! $60/team or $10 a player before December 23, 2017

6 player’s to a team

Proceeds benefit the Women at the Well Ministries a 501c3 ministry, scholarship program for our January At The Well Retreat. Check out a few testimonies of a few of our August scholarship recipients.
Most of my life I was sexually and physically abused. I was neglected and felt unloved by my parents. I met my boyfriend at 16 at 21 we got married at this time we had 2 kids. Shortly after I was pregnant with our 3rd child. I had 3 kids by 23. We had an abusive marriage for years, I Was scared and alone, I had no real contact with my parents ( by choice). I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the medications made me suicidal. Waking up was hard most days. I was just hanging on I wasn’t living. I had broken friendships and a distrust for women since being hurt by so many, especially my mom. I felt I had 3 kids and I husband I didn’t have time to be a victim.
I started to read the Bible and we found a church. Things would get better and worse and this continued for a while. Until the moment that changed my life( I didn’t know it yet). My good friend Linda told me we were going to a trauma retreat. I didn’t want to go but she payed for me so I felt an obligation to go and I did.
So I went to this retreat and there was 35 women and I knew Linda. We were told we were in different groups and different rooms. I was scared and vulnerable. I just wanted to hide so I did my best. I remember one night we broke into groups and I just cried, it was the craziest cry ever because I couldn’t stop. It just flowed. I didn’t talk much I just hid. The next day we started Holy Yoga. I remember sitting there and breathing and my body started to relax then we started to do stretches and we put it together and it was just flowing my body felt good. We cooled down some and we then lay on our mats with our eyes closed and Rachel talked with a soft voice and that next moment changed my life. Jesus was there looking at me with his hand out reaching towards me and He said” Do not be afraid”. I was in awe, I cried some light tears. Then we sat up and other women told of there visions of Jesus. I knew I had to give my testimony and I did. From that moment on I changed. I embraced every moment, every hug, I felt Free for the first time in my life. Holy Yoga was the connection I needed.
Today I do Holy yoga daily. I learned the importance of meditation without distractions. My life has been different since the retreat. My early life God made me a WWIT( warrior woman in training). My experiences were to strengthen me to be the Warrior He needed. Today, I am Mighty Diana warrior woman and ready to help the next WWIT. I am strong and beautiful and I have new friends and I Love the Lord with all my heart. My marriage is the best it’s ever been, I have awesome friends that I love. My children are thriving. My life is forever changed. Thanks to the retreat and thanks to Women at the Well and their mission, and giving me the quiet time I needed to connect my mind,body and spirt.”

“My name is Sandi Anderson and the women at the well with Rachel’s BYA program has changed my life. Two and a half years ago I was in an accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury that left me paralyzed on the right side with no feeling. 6 months ago I was planning my own suicide oh, I was so depressed and in a place as a Christian I never thought I would be. God in his infinite wisdom through friends had me go to the women at the well Retreat for months ago. My life was changed in ways that it’s hard to put into words. I am here today A stronger Christian with friends and support I could never have dreamed of. I have a vision today of myself walking seeing Jesus that I received during Rachel’s holy meditation and yoga. One month ago Rachel and her team had a one-day retreat in Cleveland that I was blessed to go to. I worked out and did the yoga and pushed myself further than I had before. During one of the stretching exercises on the mat I was reaching over my paralyzed right leg and thought I saw movement. I placed my left hand on it my leg and stretched again and felt movement for the first time in over 2 years. That is a miracle from God, Jesus, Rachel and all the women at the well!”
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